Thank you
for taking a look at this selection of my artwork.

More stuff coming up soon.

  • I was born in the exact center of Italy 36 yrs ago.
    Drawing since then, I went trough high school and Economics University in Florence, somehow.
    I started publishing my first illustrations in educational books.
    Then moved to Milan to develop art direction in advertising.

    After years of advertising  in Leo Burnett and,
    I am now completely absorbed in searching new ways of visual entertainment and communication.
    Drawing, designing, sculpting, crafting, building is how I pull out my visions.
    Art, advertising, animation and molding gives me the possibility to create a new universe every time.
    Some are sooo small and in others I could get lost.

    I have never attended classic art school, so I developed my own style, 
    making my own mistakes.
    But  in every new project I develop a steep, and fast learning curve.
    I love trying different techniques, and unconventional creativity.
    so... ABOUT ME

    I AM AN ARTIST. of course I am.
    I AM AN ILLUSTRATOR. quick and precise in different styles.
    I AM AN ART DIRECTOR. not traditional, perhaps.
    I AM AN ARTISAN. from idea to materials.

    Hope you enjoy the gallery,
    please "follow me", appreciate,
    or like it  if you did any of the above.

    Thank you